Friday, November 14, 2014

The picture of the Princess and her children

So...a girl has a polka dot dress and the little children has a butterfly coat and she has a pigtail...can you spy everything? (mom: spy everything?) Yeah, can you spy everything in here? (mom: do you mean see?) No, can you *spy* everything, like can you see stuff all in the picture? (mom: Oh. Yes, I can spy everything.) Okay, I'm done.


  1. I love how many polka dots the girl has on her dress! It is VERY pretty. Also, is she carrying a magic wand that shoots stars? What kind of magic can the wand do? Keep on drawing, I love to see everything you do sweetie!

    1. Savin says: "Daddy, I love you! I know you're right here standing next to me. That wand does, like, sparkle magic."