Monday, November 3, 2014

The queenly art begins!

After seeing mine, Savin really wanted to start her own art blog. From here on out, everything will be in her words (and her art!) So without further ado, here she is:

There's a turtle in this picture. And there's a big, like, tree. It's different, like you've never seen. And there's the girl named the Swan Princess (and the evil queen!) And there's a fish and a mermaid. There's also a prince and a unicorn. Can you find them all? There's a flower on the prince's pants.

I think you might like everything.


  1. Wow! I DO like everything! I love all your drawings and especially the turtle. Keep those masterpieces coming!

    1. Savin says: "Okay. I don't anyone to think it's gooey. (mom: gooey?) Yeah, gooey. Like sticky." (pause) "Just write it, Mom."

  2. It is imperative that I meet your daughter. I already totally love her.